Tanning parties are IN in 2019!

You want to get together with your friends this weekend, but what are you going to do? It’s cold, it gets dark so early, and you’re sick of the same old restaurants and movie theaters. What else is there?

Well, what about inviting everyone over for a Girls Night In, but instead of Netflix being the main event, everyone can get a professional airbrush tan?! That’s right – you can get an airbrush tan at home, and we’re not talking about doing it yourself, either… we mean a REAL, professional airbrush tan.

If you’re in Denver, give SHINE a call and one of our expert technicians will bring a mobile tanning station to your house and give everyone a personalized, amazing tan. There are no streaks, no unnatural orange colors, and no risks of cancer or skin damage from UV Rays the way there are in tanning booths or laying in the sun. Airbrush tans are organic, natural, and look amazing. You can get a full-body transformation in minutes and it lasts up to ten days!

Tanning parties are more affordable than you might think and are great ideas for prom parties, bachelorette parties, and plain old get-togethers!

If any of your friends are new to tanning, give them these helpful tips before they come over:

  1. Exfoliate at home – use a body scrub or get out that loofah and make sure the top layer of dead skin is scrubbed off your body.
  2. Don’t put on any lotions, sprays, or perfumes before the appointment.
  3. Wear what you’re comfortable in! If that’s a bikini, great. If you’re comfortable going topless, or even nude, go for it! We’ve seen it all and tanned every body type you can imagine.
  4. Afterwards, be sure to stay dry for a few hours while the solution sets in and works its magic. The next morning, be sure to moisturize and keep your skin soft and healthy for as long as you can to lock in that color. When the top layer of your skin sloughs off, the tan will be gone. But the good news is, it’s fast and affordable to get another appointment!

If you want to throw a unique party that will remind your guests of the fun every time they look in the mirror, give us a call.