Don’t Lose Your Summer Tan This Fall!


It’s autumn, your summer tan is probably fading. The days are shorter, you’re wearing warmer clothes, and you’re spending less time outdoors in the sun. It’s natural that people start becoming pale around this time of year. But you might be forgetting just how great you looked with that tan! It wasn’t just the warmth of summer that made you smile, it was seeing how radiant you looked with that healthy glow! The good news is that you don’t have to waste time/money and risk your health with tanning beds in order to keep that color all year round. Airbrush tanning is a quick, affordable, and SAFE way to keep a natural tan – even in the dead of winter.

An airbrush tan does more than just make your skin darker – it helps to hide blemishes, stretch marks, and age spots. It makes you look thinner with the right contouring and can give the illusion of a having a bigger bust too! A little color in your face also makes you look healthier than having pasty, pale skin. These are just a few of the benefits – there are many!

The biggest concern people usually have about getting an airbrush tan is that they worry it will look orange and unnatural. This isn’t some spray bottle you bought at the convenience store! This is a special formula administered by trained professionals. You probably know more people that get airbrush tans than you think – because you can’t tell the difference! Our airbrush tanning solutions are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. They’re approved by the FDA and don’t carry the risks of skin cancer or premature aging that UV Rays in the sun and tanning beds do. It’s not a dye or stain on your skin – it’s a natural process caused by the organic compound DHA. Read all about how it works here!

It’s also super quick – you can be in and out in 20 minutes with the tan you want, rather than laying out in the sun all day or wasting time roasting on a tanning bed. You can even arrange for our technicians to come to your house and do it there for you! It can make for a great day of pampering if you want to invite friends over for cocktails and tanning! Or before the big homecoming dance, you can get the girls together and everyone can get a tan and have a blast. It’s also less expensive than you’re probably thinking. Well worth the price, too.

So this year, there’s no excuse not to keep that tan going all year long!


The Top Secret of Models, Actors, & Beautiful Celebrities of all Kinds…


What’s one of Hollywood’s biggest non-surgical beauty secrets? Air brush tanning! Ok, so it’s not that much of a secret anymore. It’s also not just for actors and models anymore! Tune in to any number of top reality shows these days and you’ll see Real Housewives and various other lovely people standing arms-spread getting spray tanned from a professional – sometimes in a studio, sometimes in their own homes. Once an extravagant luxury, airbrush tanning has become an affordable reality for men and women all over the country. It’s as common place as getting a mani-pedi these days!  Why do all these people opt for the sprays rather than rays? Lots of reasons!

First off – it’s safer than other methods of tanning. By now we all know that too much time in the sun, and even in tanning beds, exposes us to harmful UV rays that can cause burns and even skin cancer! Airbrush tanning gives you all of the color with none of the risk! The natural, organic solution is FDA approved and won’t leave you hurting or worrying.

Reason #2 – it works! Air brush tanning isn’t just a dye or stain, it contains an organic compound called DHA that works within your skin to naturally bring out a healthy glow. You won’t be left with streaks and lines or an unnatural orange color. Your skin will look healthy and naturally tan each time you go!

Reason #3 – it’s reliable. You aren’t left to your own devices. There’s no crossing your fingers that you didn’t miss a spot or pick the wrong solution for your skin tone. Air brush technicians are professionals. They know all about skin tone and texture. They’ll help you pick a shade that will look best for you and then they’ll apply it with expert precision. They won’t miss a spot, they won’t over do it on areas that leave you looking unnatural (palms of your hands, back of your knees, etc.) and they can even add definition and contouring! If you want to fill in tan lines, no problem! If you have any specific problem areas or concerns, they’re all ears! You’re not alone with airbrush tanning – you have someone looking out for you to be sure that you look the best that you possibly can!

Reason #4 – it’s affordable. There was a time when custom airbrush tanning services like this were only accessable to the ultra rich and famous, but today it’s affordable on almost any budget! It’s not as exclusive as it used to be – more and more people are getting it done and the costs have come down dramatically. You’ll probably be surprised to see how affordable a session really is! Don’t believe me? Check out the specials for Denver’s Shine salon here!

It’s not just for the rich and famous anymore, so go ahead and pamper yourself! You deserve it.