Defeat the enemies of your airbrush tan!

Your brand new airbrush tan is so lovable, it’s hard to imagine it would have enemies, but it does. There are things that want to fade it into oblivion, but we’re here to give you the tools to fight for your tan!

The first thing you can do to protect your tan begins before your appointment! Be sure to shave and exfoliate your skin the night before your tan. You want to be sure that top layer of flaky dead skin that we all have is sloughed off to reveal the fresh skin underneath. There are plenty of products available to help you exfoliate, but beware of sugar scrubs or other scrubs on the market which have an oily base. That oil might feel great, but before an airbrush tan, it can coat the skin and make it hard for your tanning solution to permeate. You want to walk into your tanning appointment with clean, DRY skin. Don’t apply any lotions, perfumes, or sprays to your skin before you tan because it can block the tanning solution and you could end up with an uneven or weak tan.

The next enemy your tan will encounter is tight clothing. While airbrush tans dry fairly quickly and don’t stain the way some self-tanning lotions do, you still want to give your tanning solution time to soak into your skin evenly. Skip the skinny jeans and opt for loose clothes on the day of your appointment.

Once you’ve gotten your tan, stay clear of water. For the first 6-8 hours, water is your tan’s enemy. Swimming, showering, even sweating can wash off the solution before it has a chance to properly set. After those first few hours, water lightens up and your tan and water can be friends again. But don’t spend hours in the hot tub if you can help it. Chlorine will be still try to sabotage your tan in large quantities, too. Chlorine dries your skin out and can have a bleaching effect with prolonged contact. So it’s best to avoid chlorine altogether if possible, but if not – be sure to shower it off as soon as you can when you get out of the pool and pat yourself dry.

Dry skin is enemy number one. Once the tan skin on your body starts dying and flaking off, it takes your tan with it. Keep your skin moisturized, but avoid over-saturating it. Opt for a light moisturizer over a thick body butter, and use it whenever you start feeling dried out.

With these tips, you’ll be a super hero to your tan!

Look Great Year-Round!


Pale might be a good look for polar bears, but it washes us humans out!  A little color keeps us looking healthy and radiant all year long. When you’re stuck indoors all winter, airbrush tanning can step in and save the day! Our expert technicians can work with you to pick the perfect shade that will look natural (never orange!) and seasonally appropriate. After all, you’ll want a lighter, more subtle shade in winter months otherwise you’ll stand out like a sore, sun-baked thumb.

People who try to apply self-tanning solutions themselves often miss spots or accidentally leave dark streaks of color in places they can’t easily see. Airbrush tanning makes sure this doesn’t happen! We apply the color for you over your whole body (expect of course the places that we don’t tan, like the palms of your hands!) for a natural, even tone. We can also help to hide scars, veins, and age spots. This gives you a smoother complexion and younger looking skin from head to toe.

There’s also no need to worry about skin damage. Unlike the sun or tanning beds, there are no harmful UV Rays involved in airbrush tanning. The DHA solution is applied to the surface of your skin and works in the outer-most layer to produce a tan. DHA is an organic compound. We use a 100% vegan and cruelty-free formula which has been approved by the FDA.

You’ll be happy to know that airbrush tanning is more affordable than you probably think!  And it takes less than 20 minutes. You’re in and out and on your way looking healthier, younger, thinner, and more refreshed than you did when you stepped in. It’s great all year long, but you’ll DEFINITELY want to try it this winter!

The Gift of Glowing!


Physical appearances aren’t everything. You shouldn’t define yourself by how you look. But let’s face it: we feel good when we look our best! Admitting it doesn’t make you vain or shallow. Having pride in your appearance is nothing to be ashamed of. esteem and leave you feeling like you’re on top of the world and can take on anything.

Unfortunately, looking like a million bucks isn’t always a simple process. It can take time and money to get yourself looking your very best – and that’s why there are thousands of tips and tricks and miracle products out there to help. You probably don’t have an extra 90 minutes to give yourself a full make-over at home each time you want to leave the house, so you do your best. Maybe you put on some mascara and powder your nose and you’re out the door. But what if there was one thing you COULD do that was quick and easy and would make you look healthier, younger, even skinner – and it would last a week?! You wouldn’t have to spend any extra time in your morning routine, you’d just wake up glowing!

It’s an airbrush tan. In less than 20 minutes you can have all the beautifying benefits of an airbrush tan. You’ll look healthier, it can add age spots and varicose veins, even give you some contouring to look skinnier! You won’t have to apply any extra make up or take up any extra time. And it’s all natural. Shine uses 100% vegan, cruelty-free formulas that have been extensively tested and approved by the FDA. There’s no risk of skin cancer with airbrush tanning the way there is with tanning beds or baking in the sun.

It’s a great thing to do for yourself, but it’s also a great gift to give to someone else. You probably know someone who works long, hard hours and would love something that could make them wake up looking like a whole new person without any extra effort! Maybe it’s a mom who doesn’t have the time to pamper herself the way she used to or maybe it’s a friend who could use a self-esteem pick-me-up for any number of reasons. Giving the Gift of Glow this holiday season might be just the thing! You can add it to a day out after some lunch or coffee or you can even have us come to you for a private session.