Spring Tanning Options


Spring is around the corner and you want to start preparing for all your warmer-weather activities and outfits. Looking pale as a ghost doesn’t go well with your spring wardrobe! So what are your options to get that healthy glowing tan that will look great with everything?

Sun Bathing

You can always go outside and soak in the sun. While it might cost less than other options, it’s definitely less safe and takes a longer time to get results. UV Radiation is what creates a tan and this radiation can be very dangerous. Sun burn is the risk we most often think of. Sun burn is not fun at all. It’s painful, ugly, and lasts longer than anyone would like. But there are other dangers, too…  UV Rays are known to cause skin cancer, cataracts, premature skin aging, and suppression of the immune system. UVA rays in particular have been shown to increase the chance of getting melanoma, the most deadly form of skin cancer! As great as getting a perfect tan can be, it’s certainly not worth dying for.

Tanning Beds

Tanning beds work by emitting ultraviolet radiation, or UV Rays, which work deep inside your skin to change pigment and create a tan. There are two types of UV rays – UVA and UVB. Most tanning beds primarily emit UVA rays, although some “high pressure” tanning beds emit a more concentrated mixture of the two. UV Radiation is that dangerous radiation we just talked about. There are plenty of side effects to watch out for.

The FDA has banned the use of tanning beds by minors and strongly discourages people from using tanning beds for cosmetic purposes. There are simply too many risks involved. Besides skin cancer, you risk getting a sunburn, and without using goggles, you put yourself at risk of getting a condition called arc eye, or snow blindness – which is basically like a sunburn on your eyes! Talk about painful! Many tanning booths limit your exposure to 20 minutes, but depending on your skin type, 20 minutes can be enough time to cause serious damage, especially when you go often.

Why spend time and money for something so dangerous? There’s a safer alternative…

Airbrush Tanning

Spray tanning has come a LONG way since the days where it was an obvious, streaky, orange mess.  We’ve mastered the formula and the application, creating the modern airbrush tan. It’s a work of art. The artists hardly get credit though, since their work looks so natural that you’d never even know!

Airbrush tanning doesn’t create color using a dye or stain, it uses a compound called Dihydroxyacetone, or DHA, which is an all-natural, simple carbohydrate with formula C3H6O3. This skin browning effect is non-toxic and similar to the Maillard reaction. Different amino acids react to DHA in different ways, producing different tones of coloration from yellow to brown. The resulting pigments are similar in coloration to melanin, the natural substance which browns or “tans” from exposure to UV rays. But all of this takes place in the outermost layer of the skin, not deep in the lower layers like a sun tan. It’s a natural, organic reaction, not one caused by radiation. The result is a natural looking tan without the harmful side effects.

We no longer have to stand in a booth that sprays you and turn around hoping to get every inch of skin evenly either! Airbrush tans are applied using a special spray “gun” by trained professionals. You won’t miss a spot or have some areas darker than others. Airbrush tanning technicians can even apply the formula in such a way that you can add slimming contours and cover problem areas specifically.

When properly cared for, an airbrush tan can last up to 10 days. It’s a natural, organic, safe option for getting some color all year long. And best of all? It’s quick! Instead of lying around all day getting a tan, you can be in and out in 15 minutes with a full body tan, and technicians can even come to your home with a mobile station and do it for you there!

Give us a call for an appointment and see what all the fuss is about.

Self-Tan Vs. Airbrush Tan


So you’re nervous about getting an airbrush tan? Maybe you think you can save a little money by getting the self-tanner from your local convenience store instead? Well, we’re here to warn you: it’s not the same thing!

Self-tanners come in many forms. It’s a huge business these days. There are plenty of sprays and lotions that you can choose from and they range in price from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars. The ingredients in these products vary, but far too many of them use dyes to stain your skin. Unless you’re familiar with the product and how it looks on your unique skin tone, it’s hard to tell what shade of “tan” you’ll end up with. This sometimes ends up leaving you with an unnatural, embarrassing orange color.

You also have to be very careful applying your self-tanners. If you miss a spot, you likely won’t notice until the skin around it is colored and it’s still pale! Trying to cover your missed spot with more lotion will only make the dark skin darker and still leave you with a light patch. You have to properly rub all the solution into your skin or you will end up with streaks or splotches of darker color, too. Sometimes this is hard to do on your back or in places that you can’t easily see or reach. There are also some areas of your body that you don’t want to be as dark as the rest of your skin, like the back of your knees or palms of your hands. Those areas rarely tan in real sunlight so having them match the rest of your tan looks unnatural. Certain self-tanning products can also stain your clothes or furniture as well as your skin, so you’ll have to be cautious around fabrics.

Getting an airbrush tan eliminates many of these concerns!

When you get an airbrush tan, your technician will be able to help you find the right shade for your skin tone. They’re experts at making sure your color won’t look too dark or too unnatural. Airbrush tanning solutions don’t use stains or dyes to create that color. There’s an all natural, organic compound called DHA in these solutions that reacts safely and naturally with the outermost layer of your skin to create a darker pigment naturally. This is added to a bronzing agent to create the perfect glow. All of our products are vegan and never tested on animals. The FDA has approved them and they don’t carry the same health risks associated with tanning beds or laying out in the sun to tan.

Having an expert technician apply the solution also ensures that there will be no missed spots, no streaks, and no unnatural looking tans on areas that you DON’T want! And it’s much quicker than trying to do it yourself.

All of this is much less expensive than you think, too! Check our website for prices and specials. You’ll be surprised at how reasonably priced it is to get a great airbrush tan. You won’t consider going for the self-tan option again…  Make your appointment and start looking and feeling amazing with an airbrush tan from Shine!

What Creates A Tan?


Ever wonder what makes your body tan?

There are a few different ways you can get a natural tan. The most obvious is, of course, from the sun! Light from the sun reaches earth in three forms: visible light, infrared, and ultraviolet light. The last type, ultraviolet light, is classified into three categories:
* UVA or black light, which causes tanning.
* UVB, which typically causes damage in the form of sunburn.
* UVC, which doesn’t affect us because it’s filtered out by the atmosphere before it can get to our skin.
The problems we associate with sun exposure, such as skin cancer, wrinkles, etc. are mostly caused by harmful UVB rays. Research suggests UVA might have an increasing hand in these things as well, however. Most of the sun’s UV radiation at sea level is of the UVA variety.
UVA can be reflected off of snow or water. Snow actually reflects roughly 90% of UV light, which is why you can get severe sun burns while skiing. Sand reflects up to 20% of UVB too, so at the beach, you’re getting more UV exposure than you would sitting in your backyard. It’s hitting you from above and below! There are certain surfaces that can absorb UV radiation rather than reflect it, such as certain types of glass.

Ultraviolet light in the sun stimulates the production of melanin in our skin. This pigment absorbs UV light, protecting cells from damage. Imagine you put a sponge on top of a piece of paper and slowly dropped beads of water onto it. The sponge would soak the water up before it can ruin the paper. That’s sort of what your melanin does to UV rays. Over time, this protective pigment makes your skin look darker, hence: a tan! Caucasians typically have the least amount of melanin in their skin on a day-to-day basis, but in many other races, there is a continuous melanin production, which causes the skin to remain pigmented and also offers more protection against UV rays on a daily basis.

It’s important to note that all UV rays are potentially dangerous. If you keep dropping water onto that sponge, eventually, it will soak through and damage the paper. That’s fine when we’re talking about metaphorical paper, but not so great when we’re talking about your skin! UV rays can cause deep damage to your cells, which results in painful sunburn at best and fatal skin cancer at worst. It’s important to protect yourself from skin damage by wearing sunscreen when you’re outside. Avoiding direct sunlight is the best way to protect yourself. This really ruins your chance at a tan, though.

There’s one more way that you can get naturally darker skin, however. That’s through DHA.  DHA is a non-toxic, organic compound that creates a chemical reaction within the amino acids in the outermost layer of your skin. This reaction does not involve the underlying skin pigmentation, nor does it require exposure to ultraviolet light to initiate the change in color. It is similar to the maillard reaction which occurs in food. It’s a natural, temporary color that looks just like a tan that occurs from melanin. The active ingredient in airbrush tanning is DHA. The color produced in an airbrush tan typically lasts 7-10 days, but it is much safer than roasting yourself in the sun or using a tanning bed.

Tan is IN This Winter!



It’s that time again, Wash Park….


Winter can be rough. Especially in the fashion department. Sure, it’s great to be able to bust out those super cute boots and the great full-length coats, but for those with lighter skin and hair, it’s easy to look completely washed out in the winter months. Wearing light colored clothes can make you look downright sickly sometimes.


But it doesn’t have to! Even in white and ON white, look at the difference a little color can make….


Radiant, right?!

You can get that glow too, best of all – it’s quick and affordable! It’s airbrush tanning. It used to be that if you wanted a tan in winter, you’d have to spend time baking in tanning beds or stain your whole house with lotions and sprays that left you greasy and orange looking. We now know about the dangers of UV rays and how tanning beds can cause skin cancer and premature aging, so hopefully you’ll realize that going that route isn’t worth the risk. And forget the streaky at-home bronzers, too. We live in the age of AIRBRUSH TANNING!

Have you tried it yet? A professional technician helps you pick a natural tone for your skin, and applies the solution for you quickly and evenly. There are no harmful UV Rays to worry about, and at Shine, the solution itself is vegan and cruelty-free. It isn’t some sort of stain or dye, the solution contains a natural compound called DHA that reacts with your outermost layer of skin to create a temporary tan.  DHA is FDA approved and completely organic. The tan lasts approximately 7-10 days and you can get it done in under 15 minutes for less than $30 at Shine!

So be radiant in your coats this season! Look healthier, younger, and more fashionable in mere minutes this winter.  You have no excuse not to!


The Top Secret of Models, Actors, & Beautiful Celebrities of all Kinds…


What’s one of Hollywood’s biggest non-surgical beauty secrets? Air brush tanning! Ok, so it’s not that much of a secret anymore. It’s also not just for actors and models anymore! Tune in to any number of top reality shows these days and you’ll see Real Housewives and various other lovely people standing arms-spread getting spray tanned from a professional – sometimes in a studio, sometimes in their own homes. Once an extravagant luxury, airbrush tanning has become an affordable reality for men and women all over the country. It’s as common place as getting a mani-pedi these days!  Why do all these people opt for the sprays rather than rays? Lots of reasons!

First off – it’s safer than other methods of tanning. By now we all know that too much time in the sun, and even in tanning beds, exposes us to harmful UV rays that can cause burns and even skin cancer! Airbrush tanning gives you all of the color with none of the risk! The natural, organic solution is FDA approved and won’t leave you hurting or worrying.

Reason #2 – it works! Air brush tanning isn’t just a dye or stain, it contains an organic compound called DHA that works within your skin to naturally bring out a healthy glow. You won’t be left with streaks and lines or an unnatural orange color. Your skin will look healthy and naturally tan each time you go!

Reason #3 – it’s reliable. You aren’t left to your own devices. There’s no crossing your fingers that you didn’t miss a spot or pick the wrong solution for your skin tone. Air brush technicians are professionals. They know all about skin tone and texture. They’ll help you pick a shade that will look best for you and then they’ll apply it with expert precision. They won’t miss a spot, they won’t over do it on areas that leave you looking unnatural (palms of your hands, back of your knees, etc.) and they can even add definition and contouring! If you want to fill in tan lines, no problem! If you have any specific problem areas or concerns, they’re all ears! You’re not alone with airbrush tanning – you have someone looking out for you to be sure that you look the best that you possibly can!

Reason #4 – it’s affordable. There was a time when custom airbrush tanning services like this were only accessable to the ultra rich and famous, but today it’s affordable on almost any budget! It’s not as exclusive as it used to be – more and more people are getting it done and the costs have come down dramatically. You’ll probably be surprised to see how affordable a session really is! Don’t believe me? Check out the specials for Denver’s Shine salon here!

It’s not just for the rich and famous anymore, so go ahead and pamper yourself! You deserve it.



What’s the Difference Between a Spray Tan and an Airbrush Tan?


We keep talking about getting an “airbrush” tan and you’re probably wondering why we don’t just call it a “spray” tan. It’s not because we’re trying to sound fancy!  Not all spray tans are alike… Let’s take a look at some of the methods out there that we lump into the “spray tan” category!

Spray Tan Booths

Spray tan booths are pretty much exactly what they sound like. It’s a large booth that you stand in, and the tanning solution sprays out of nozzles and onto your skin. There’s no one there spraying you, so you might feel more comfortable, but it also means that no one is making sure everything is even or avoiding areas you might not want doused with spray, such as underarms or the palms of your hands. If you accidentally turn your arm the wrong way or clench your legs together in the booth, the spray might not hit you evenly, leaving you with an unnatural looking tan.  Booths can also make people feel slightly claustrophobic, so if you get uneasy in tight spaces, this might not be the method for you.

 ♦ Self-Tanners

You’ve all seen these, and let’s be honest – most of us have tried at least one variety. They’re spray cans or lotions found everywhere from high end salons to Walgreens, and they promise perfect golden skin in the privacy of your own home – for way less money! But how well do they work? I’ll be honest, you MIGHT be able to find one that you’ll swear by. But chances are, it will take a lot of time, money, and misery before you do. There are so many different formulas out there, and everyone’s skin is different, so it’s hard to tell which lotions, potions, and sprays will look natural on you. It’s also hard to apply sprays and lotions evenly on yourself. You might THINK you’ve gotten every inch, but the next day you look in the mirror and there’s that big patch of white skin, or even worse, thick streaks or blotches of dark color! Many at-home products will not only color your skin, but leave stains on your clothes, sheets, and furniture as well! As the saying goes, you usually get what you pay for. You’ll get much better results letting a professional handle it. Which leads us to….

Airbrush Tanning

Airbrush tanning is the preferred method for many people, including Hollywood’s biggest celebrities. With an airbrush tan, you’re working with a professional technician who knows how to pick the perfect formula to make each person’s unique skin tone look naturally colored.  They will then spray you by hand to ensure that the solution is applied evenly to all areas you want to tan, and eliminate excess spray from getting into areas you DON’T want – like knees, elbows, and underarms! They can touch up specific areas to even out skin tone or eliminate tan lines, and even do things like give definition to thighs and abs. Airbrush tanning won’t leave streaks or stains like most at-home products, and it only requires one application. An airbrush tanning session is a truly personalized experience. You can even have an airbrush artist come to your house! They will bring all the equipment necessary to give you a great tan in the privacy and convenience of your own home!

For an affordable airbrush tan in Denver, Shine salon is the place to go!  We can also come to you and we offer special group packages for spa nights, bachelorette parties, weddings, pre-prom, etc. Give us a call to make an appointment and see why airbrush tanning is the best kind of spray tan you can get!  (303)-722-4040