Girls Night In


You love going out with your girlfriends! Dinners, drinks, dancing, concerts, theater….  but sometimes a girl’s night IN is just as fun! It’s certainly more relaxed and comfortable and a great chance to catch up on all the gossip going on in their lives without having to shout over a DJ.  The typical dinner and sitting around the tv is fun, but next time you want to invite the girls over, why not try something different? Consider having a theme or activity! It’s easier than you think. Here a few fun ideas:

1. a swap party –  Have everyone bring their old clothes, shoes, and accessories and everyone can go through and pick out pieces they want! All the left-overs can be donated to Goodwill. You get rid of clutter in your closet and come home with some great new swag. Win-Win!

2.  craft night – Pick a fun project, like jazzing up some old shoes or decorating a picture frame or making some jewelry. Have all the supplies ready when the girls get there and spend your night being crafty!

3. wine tasting – Have all your friends bring a bottle or two of their favorite vino and spend the night sampling each other’s choices. Be sure everyone either stays the night or gets a cab home after this one!

4. spa night – Everyone loves a good pampering! Have everyone bring their favorite shades of nail polish and do each others’ nails. Another fun idea is to do airbrush tanning! Airbrush tanning helps cover up varicose veins, stretch marks, and other imperfections to give you a full-body make-over in only a few minutes. You’ll look healthier, more youthful, and even slimmer! You might think that you have to go to a fancy studio to get it done, but some places, like Shine Salon in Denver, can actually come to your house and tan you and your friends in the comfort of your own home! They bring all the equipment necessary and it’s a quick, clean process.  It won’t break the bank either. Have everyone chip in or treat your friends for a night in everyone will be sure to remember and rave about. It’s a great idea for bridal showers and pre-prom parties as well!