Advantages of Airbrush Tanning


Everyone wants a healthy glow in the summer, but skin cancer is not worth the risk. Learn the advantages and the how to of airbrush tanning!

Gone are the days of lounging in the sun unprotected. We are now aware of the damage the sun’s UV rays can do to our skin, not to mention the painful sunburns and heat rashes that sometimes occur when trying to achieve the perfect sun tan. Nowadays, advancements have been made in the world of sunless tanning, and airbrush tanning has become a safe and natural looking alternative. Airbrush tanning… •Has a low allergy risk •Does not leave blotches or streaks •Covers skin imperfections such as scars, stretchmarks and blemishes •Naturally fades away instead of peeling off in blotches •Does not discolor clothing •Can blend in unwanted tan lines •Is dermatologist recommended and FDA approved •It can be applied in one quick session •No UVA or UVB rays involved •Gives skin a healthy, golden glow

What is Airbrush Tanning?


What is Airbrush Tanning?

Airbrush tans are made from a DHA solution. DHA is a simple carbohydrate, not a harmful chemical! Additional bronzing solution is added, which adds a layer of color to skin. DHA reacts with the top layer of skin cells to form a tan. The solution is applied by a professional, while you stand with arms and legs spread. The tanning professional walks around and evenly sprays the bronzing solution on your skin. We do all the work, and in less than 20 minutes you’ll have a beautiful tan! Airbrush tans naturally fade away instead of peeling off in blotches and don’t leave orange streaks!

Is it Safe?

Airbrush tanning is a safer alternative to indoor tanning beds or to outdoor tanning, because you are not exposed to harmful UV rays. There is no risk of skin cancer associated with airbrush tanning. The solution used is completely organic! It’s dermatologist recommended and FDA approved, with a very low allergy risk.

What do I need to do before I go airbrush tanning?

24 hours before your appointment, you should exfoliate all areas which will be treated. An exfoliating body wash or scrub does wonders! You want to get rid of any dead skin so that the spray doesn’t stick to it and then flake off. Making sure you’ve exfoliated will ensure that you get the longest-lasting, most even tan possible!

What do I need to do after my airbrush tan?
Showers or baths should be avoided for the first four hours after airbrush tanning. Ideally, no soaps or shower gels should be used for the first eight hours after applications. You don’t want to wash off the solution!

How Long Will My Tan Last?

An airbrush tan can last up to a 10 days, particularly when hot baths and chlorine are avoided.

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