Defeat the enemies of your airbrush tan!

Your brand new airbrush tan is so lovable, it’s hard to imagine it would have enemies, but it does. There are things that want to fade it into oblivion, but we’re here to give you the tools to fight for your tan!

The first thing you can do to protect your tan begins before your appointment! Be sure to shave and exfoliate your skin the night before your tan. You want to be sure that top layer of flaky dead skin that we all have is sloughed off to reveal the fresh skin underneath. There are plenty of products available to help you exfoliate, but beware of sugar scrubs or other scrubs on the market which have an oily base. That oil might feel great, but before an airbrush tan, it can coat the skin and make it hard for your tanning solution to permeate. You want to walk into your tanning appointment with clean, DRY skin. Don’t apply any lotions, perfumes, or sprays to your skin before you tan because it can block the tanning solution and you could end up with an uneven or weak tan.

The next enemy your tan will encounter is tight clothing. While airbrush tans dry fairly quickly and don’t stain the way some self-tanning lotions do, you still want to give your tanning solution time to soak into your skin evenly. Skip the skinny jeans and opt for loose clothes on the day of your appointment.

Once you’ve gotten your tan, stay clear of water. For the first 6-8 hours, water is your tan’s enemy. Swimming, showering, even sweating can wash off the solution before it has a chance to properly set. After those first few hours, water lightens up and your tan and water can be friends again. But don’t spend hours in the hot tub if you can help it. Chlorine will be still try to sabotage your tan in large quantities, too. Chlorine dries your skin out and can have a bleaching effect with prolonged contact. So it’s best to avoid chlorine altogether if possible, but if not – be sure to shower it off as soon as you can when you get out of the pool and pat yourself dry.

Dry skin is enemy number one. Once the tan skin on your body starts dying and flaking off, it takes your tan with it. Keep your skin moisturized, but avoid over-saturating it. Opt for a light moisturizer over a thick body butter, and use it whenever you start feeling dried out.

With these tips, you’ll be a super hero to your tan!

How To Get a Natural Tan


It’s summer. You’re not all bundled up anymore, you’re going to be showing some skin! You want that skin to look great when you do, right? Tans are ideal because they hide more flaws and look healthier than pale, pasty skin. But we all know there is a huge difference between being TAN and being ORANGE!  We’ve all seen someone who overdoes it on the self-toner and spends a few hours too many in the tanning bed and comes out looking like an orange leather handbag…  No one wants to look like that! You want a healthy, glowing, NATURAL tan. So how do you get one? Well…

Your skin gets tan because the sun produces UV rays that penetrate your skin. These UV rays are actually pretty dangerous. It’s like being in a giant microwave.  So to protect your cells from literally baking, your body produces melanin to absorb these rays safely. This is what makes your skin darker. But getting a natural tan from the sun is sometimes tricky. There is a fine line between tanning and burning. Try as you might to protect yourself, I’m sure there’s been a time or two when you’ve gotten a dreaded sunburn. It looks and feels terrible. Painful, itchy, peeling, bright red skin is a far cry from healthy, gorgeous, glowing tan skin! But that’s just one of the risks of tanning outdoors in the sun. Long term sun exposure can deeply damage the anatomy of your skin cells and cause wrinkles, sun spots, and even skin cancer.  Tanning beds produce UV rays as well, so it works in much the same way. It also carries the same risks.

You might think that’s the only way to get a natural tan, but it’s actually not!  Airbrush tanning is another natural way to tan. (I know… I’ll give you a minute to pick up the pieces of your blown mind…)  It’s not a paint or a dye that gets applied to the skin like most people think it is, which is why it won’t leave you looking orange the way most self-tanners do. Airbrush tanning actually uses a non-toxic, completely organic compound called DHA.  It doesn’t cause wrinkles, sun spots, or skin cancer the way the sun can because it doesn’t penetrate deeply enough to damage your skin cells. DHA creates a chemical reaction within the amino acids in the very outermost layer of your skin. It’s a little bit like when you cut an apple and it begins to turn brown on the surface. This reaction does not involve the underlying skin pigmentation, nor does it require exposure to UV rays to initiate the change in color. It’s a natural, temporary color that looks just like a tan that occurs from melanin. Airbrush tans typically last about 7-10 days if you exfoliate properly before your appointment. It’s FDA approved and less expensive than you probably think it is for such an amazing treatment.

So the next time you want a natural tan, try airbrushing!

The Top Secret of Models, Actors, & Beautiful Celebrities of all Kinds…


What’s one of Hollywood’s biggest non-surgical beauty secrets? Air brush tanning! Ok, so it’s not that much of a secret anymore. It’s also not just for actors and models anymore! Tune in to any number of top reality shows these days and you’ll see Real Housewives and various other lovely people standing arms-spread getting spray tanned from a professional – sometimes in a studio, sometimes in their own homes. Once an extravagant luxury, airbrush tanning has become an affordable reality for men and women all over the country. It’s as common place as getting a mani-pedi these days!  Why do all these people opt for the sprays rather than rays? Lots of reasons!

First off – it’s safer than other methods of tanning. By now we all know that too much time in the sun, and even in tanning beds, exposes us to harmful UV rays that can cause burns and even skin cancer! Airbrush tanning gives you all of the color with none of the risk! The natural, organic solution is FDA approved and won’t leave you hurting or worrying.

Reason #2 – it works! Air brush tanning isn’t just a dye or stain, it contains an organic compound called DHA that works within your skin to naturally bring out a healthy glow. You won’t be left with streaks and lines or an unnatural orange color. Your skin will look healthy and naturally tan each time you go!

Reason #3 – it’s reliable. You aren’t left to your own devices. There’s no crossing your fingers that you didn’t miss a spot or pick the wrong solution for your skin tone. Air brush technicians are professionals. They know all about skin tone and texture. They’ll help you pick a shade that will look best for you and then they’ll apply it with expert precision. They won’t miss a spot, they won’t over do it on areas that leave you looking unnatural (palms of your hands, back of your knees, etc.) and they can even add definition and contouring! If you want to fill in tan lines, no problem! If you have any specific problem areas or concerns, they’re all ears! You’re not alone with airbrush tanning – you have someone looking out for you to be sure that you look the best that you possibly can!

Reason #4 – it’s affordable. There was a time when custom airbrush tanning services like this were only accessable to the ultra rich and famous, but today it’s affordable on almost any budget! It’s not as exclusive as it used to be – more and more people are getting it done and the costs have come down dramatically. You’ll probably be surprised to see how affordable a session really is! Don’t believe me? Check out the specials for Denver’s Shine salon here!

It’s not just for the rich and famous anymore, so go ahead and pamper yourself! You deserve it.



Advantages of Airbrush Tanning


Everyone wants a healthy glow in the summer, but skin cancer is not worth the risk. Learn the advantages and the how to of airbrush tanning!

Gone are the days of lounging in the sun unprotected. We are now aware of the damage the sun’s UV rays can do to our skin, not to mention the painful sunburns and heat rashes that sometimes occur when trying to achieve the perfect sun tan. Nowadays, advancements have been made in the world of sunless tanning, and airbrush tanning has become a safe and natural looking alternative. Airbrush tanning… •Has a low allergy risk •Does not leave blotches or streaks •Covers skin imperfections such as scars, stretchmarks and blemishes •Naturally fades away instead of peeling off in blotches •Does not discolor clothing •Can blend in unwanted tan lines •Is dermatologist recommended and FDA approved •It can be applied in one quick session •No UVA or UVB rays involved •Gives skin a healthy, golden glow

The Truth About Tanning Beds

I have to admit that I have been seduced by the idea of the tanning bed. All you have to do is lie down in a bright room for a few minutes and walk out with gorgeous tan skin? Sign me up! If 28 million Americans are tanning in beds and booths every year, there must be no harm in it, right? Wrong… like any other seemingly easy fix, it comes at a high price – and not just from your bank account!

Dr. Felix Müller invented the first tanning unit with UV lamps for the public consumer in 1956. Fifty-five years later, tanning beds and stand-up booths are made up of high pressure bulbs that hold a higher ratio of UVA light than that of the atmosphere. The UVA and UVB lamps used in tanning beds are 2-3 times stronger than then sun because of the pressure levels and proximity to your body. Call me crazy, but I’d think twice before entering any device that claims to be stronger than the sun itself!

Low pressure beds and booths are also an option, and are recommended for beginners because of their low pressure release of only UVB rays. I find this recommendation completely ridiculous considering that UVB rays are the most harmful to your skin! Because of their deep penetration, UVB rays are the leading cause of skin cancer. It has been proven that indoor tanning increases your risk of developing melanoma by 74%. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, “melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer, killing approximately 8,650 Americans in 2009.”

Even the kids on the Jersey shore have come to realize the life-threatening effects of indoor tanning! On an episode of Extra, Dr. Deborah Sarnoff, the Vice President of the Skin Cancer Foundation, did a life changing intervention with the cast of Jersey Shore to enlighten them about the dangers of the “T” in their daily GTL. Pauly D even admitted that he was going to put his tanning bed up on craigslist! Whatever happened to the age of the parasol and the over-sized hat?