Say NO to self-tanning lotions and YES to an airbrush tan!

You can’t walk all the way through the beauty isle without seeing at least ONE self-tanning product on the shelves promising you a beautiful do-it-yourself tan. There are countless sprays and lotions to choose from and they range in price from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars. The ingredients in these products vary, but a majority of them use dyes and stains to change the color of your skin. Everyone has a different, unique skin tone, so it’s hard to tell what shade of “tan” you’ll end up with when using a one-color-fits-all dye. This often times ends up leaving people with an embarrassing orange color.

You also have to be very careful applying your self-tanners. If you miss a spot, you likely won’t notice until the skin around it is colored and it’s still pale! Trying to cover your missed spot with more lotion will only make the dark skin darker and still leave you with a light patch. You have to properly rub all the solution into your skin or you will end up with streaks or splotches of darker color. Sometimes this is hard to do on your back or in places that you can’t easily see or reach. There are also some areas of your body that you DON’T want to be as dark as the rest of your skin, like the palms of your hands. These areas rarely tan in real sunlight so having them match the rest of your tan looks unnatural. But how do you rub a lotion into your skin without using the palms of your hands?! Certain self-tanning products can also stain your clothes, furniture, tiles, etc. as well as your skin, so you’ll have to be cautious when applying.

Getting an airbrush tan eliminates many of these concerns!

Airbrush tanning technicians are experts at making sure your color won’t look too dark or too unnatural. They’re trained and know their products well. They know what different shades look like on different skin tones, and can custom tailor your tan. Airbrush tanning solutions don’t use stains or dyes to create that color. There’s an all natural, organic compound called DHA in these solutions that reacts safely and naturally with the outermost layer of your skin to create a darker pigment naturally. This is added to a bronzing agent to create the perfect glow. At Shine, all of the products used are vegan and never tested on animals. The FDA has approved them and they don’t carry the same health risks associated with tanning beds or laying out in the sun to tan.

Having an expert technician apply the solution also ensures that there will be no missed spots, no streaks, and no unnatural looking tans on areas that you DON’T want, like your hands! And it’s much quicker than trying to do it yourself.

All of this is less expensive than you think, too! Check our Shine’s website for prices and specials. You’ll be surprised at how reasonably priced it is to get a great airbrush tan. You won’t consider going for the self-tan option again…  Make your appointment and start looking and feeling amazing with an airbrush tan from Shine!

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