“You look great! Have you had work done?”

“No, it’s just an airbrush tan!”

You probably think a tan is just a little color, but with a custom airbrush tan, it’s more than that! Skilled technicians can contour the application to make you look thinner, have bigger cleavage, and even have more toned muscles. It’s incredible what some well-placed color can do.  It also makes you look healthier and younger and can hide and diminish blemishes such as varicose veins, age spots and cellulite. As you know, when it comes to make up, less is more. An airbrush tan can even your skin tone without any foundation and will look amazing even after you wash your face at night!

Spray tans have gotten a bad rep for turning people orange and streaky in the past. That’s because spray tans used to use stains and dyes to color the skin. An airbrush tan today doesn’t need all that artificial color! We use a safe, organic compound called DHA which works on the very top layer of your skin and doesn’t penetrate or damage deeper skin cells the way that tanning beds can. It creates a tan in a natural way and is approved by the FDA. Your airbrush tanning technician is specially trained and will apply this formula evenly over your body to create a tan so natural that no one will know it isn’t real!

Plastic surgery is big business. Even “quick fixes” like fillers can cost you a lot of money. Not to mention, there are dangers and recovery time involved with surgeries. If you want an instant, pain-free way to look healthier, slimmer, and younger for under $50, you’ve come to the right place! It only takes roughly 20-40 minutes out of your day, and for a few extra dollars, we can come and give you a tan right in your own home!

An airbrush tan won’t last forever, but if you exfoliate before your appointment, avoid showering or swimming right after it, and then keeping your skin nice and moisturized for the next week, you can prolong your tan up to 10 days, sometimes even longer!  It’s great to do all year round, especially for special occasions or big events.

Time to see what an amazing make-over it can be for yourself! Make an appointment today!