Full Body Make-Over For Under $40?!

You want to look slimmer, healthier, more toned, and lose your cellulose and varicose veins….  Don’t even think about adding up the costs of all the surgeries and injections it would take. The price tag would be shocking. What if I told you that you could have all these results for under a hundred bucks? What if I told you that you could do it for under FIFTY?! And then what if I told you it only takes 20 mins!  Nope, I’m not just lying to you… you really can! And it’s in a way you probably never thought about….  a simple, safe, organic airbrush tan!

No, really!

Spray tans have long had a bad rep for turning people orange and streaky. That’s not the case! Airbrush tans don’t use stains or dyes, they use an organic and safe compound called DHA. It only works on the top layer of skin, and doesn’t penetrate and damage deeper skin cells the way that tanning beds can. It’s FDA approved and all natural. Since it creates a tan in a natural way and is applied by a specially trained technician, your tan will not look orange and streaky. It will look so natural that most people won’t be able to tell it isn’t from the sun itself.


Airbrush technicians can contour the application to make you look thinner, have bigger cleavage, and even have more toned muscles. It’s incredible what some well-placed color can do.  It also makes you look healthier when your skin has some color to it. A healthy glow goes farther than make-up!



Airbrush tanning can also cover up certain blemishes. It does wonders to hide veins and cellulite. It can also mask blotchy skin or age spots, as well as make stretch marks and scars less visible.  It’s not a magic wand, but it certainly helps!




An airbrush tan won’t last forever, but if you exfoliate before your appointment and avoid showering after it and then keeping your skin nice and moisturized, you can prolong your tan up to 10, sometimes more!, days.  It’s great to do all year round. Extra great for special occasions or big events. Time to see what an amazing make-over it can be for yourself! Make an appointment today!