Tan is IN This Winter!



It’s that time again, Wash Park….


Winter can be rough. Especially in the fashion department. Sure, it’s great to be able to bust out those super cute boots and the great full-length coats, but for those with lighter skin and hair, it’s easy to look completely washed out in the winter months. Wearing light colored clothes can make you look downright sickly sometimes.


But it doesn’t have to! Even in white and ON white, look at the difference a little color can make….


Radiant, right?!

You can get that glow too, best of all – it’s quick and affordable! It’s airbrush tanning. It used to be that if you wanted a tan in winter, you’d have to spend time baking in tanning beds or stain your whole house with lotions and sprays that left you greasy and orange looking. We now know about the dangers of UV rays and how tanning beds can cause skin cancer and premature aging, so hopefully you’ll realize that going that route isn’t worth the risk. And forget the streaky at-home bronzers, too. We live in the age of AIRBRUSH TANNING!

Have you tried it yet? A professional technician helps you pick a natural tone for your skin, and applies the solution for you quickly and evenly. There are no harmful UV Rays to worry about, and at Shine, the solution itself is vegan and cruelty-free. It isn’t some sort of stain or dye, the solution contains a natural compound called DHA that reacts with your outermost layer of skin to create a temporary tan.  DHA is FDA approved and completely organic. The tan lasts approximately 7-10 days and you can get it done in under 15 minutes for less than $30 at Shine!

So be radiant in your coats this season! Look healthier, younger, and more fashionable in mere minutes this winter.  You have no excuse not to!